Director of Policy Planning and Strategic Information

The Department of Planning of the Ministry of Health Development is responsible for, and is keen on planning, coordinating and monitoring the development priorities of the ministry activities of all national, regional and local authorities as well as development partners in a more coherent and organized manner.

Functions of the Department:

 ● Legal advisory services·     

 ● National health policies formulation·    

 ● Ministerial and national planning for health·     

 ● Monitoring and Evaluation and Inspectorate System·      

● Health Management Information System (HMIS)·  

 ● Health research·       

● Health programs coordination·    

  ● Planning MoHD overarching goals and vision to achieve these goals using research, planning, and evaluation. ·       

● Managing activities used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ·     

●  Assisting MoHD to gather, analyze and organize information.·       

● Health system strengthening and reform (EPHS, JPLG, GAVI)·       

● Analysis of GoSL  health sector situation and gather relevant  information on health issues·      

● Executing simulations and model computations ·      

● Advising on best alternatives and proposal of related legal acts·       

● Analyzing health data, modelling and reporting on relevant information·     

  ● Cooperation with international organizations in health data sharing·       

● Preparing letters of agreements between the ministry and international agencies such as (NGOs) ·      

● Organizing international cooperation with specific departments of the ministry·    

 ●  Coordinating national and international agreement on training aspects·       

● Publishing yearly economical and financial books and studies, forecasts, budget data, studies of the MoHD·   

  ● Publishing guide books / brochures on public health.·     

● Leading awareness campaigns·   

●  Compiling daily / weekly the current media coverage of MoHD activities and other relevant topics·  

●  Ensuring the MoHD corporate design for all MoHD publications·      

● Maintaining the MoHD web portal, editing of the MoHD website·       

● Supporting the ministry top level by preparing speeches and media appearances·       

● Monitoring key performance data of MoHD.·   

●Evaluating MoHD development strategies and projects·     

●Supporting Monitoring and evaluation missions by international donors·      

  ● Advise Minister and DG on planning, policy and strategic matters·     

  ● Coordination and communication functions·       

● Develop and support annual plans·       

● Fundraising·    

 ● Developing and implementing a comprehensive written annual resource mobilization plan with strategies for MoHD·       

● Organize and support quarterly and annual review meetings·       

● Programming, designing and planning of health programmes and projects·       

● Represent the Ministry in the donor and cluster meetings and conferences·       

● Support other departments in their planning and proper implementation·    

 ● Support programs and projects implementation·    

● Develop policies, strategies, systems and action plans·       

● Ensuring Harmonization health programmes and projects in collaboration with the technical departments in order to avoid duplication and waste.

●  Ensuring that cross cutting issues in health sector are addressed by all departments and MDAs

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