MOHD Commemorated the “World Mental Health Day”

The Ministry of Health Development hugely commemorated the World Mental Health Day on 10 October in an event held in Hargeisa.  A well-organized event brought together hundreds of participants belonging to government sector, the private and civil society sector.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Ya’qub, the head of mental department for MOHD, stated the rights of the mentally sick people had been widely neglected.

The Director General of the MOHD, Dr. Hergeye who also spoke at the event narrated the efforts of the ministry regarding the mental issues such as the process of the enactment of the mental laws, providing training to mental health providers and building mental institutions.

The Director of Hargeisa Hospital, a guest speaker at the event briefed the stages Hargeisa Mental Hospital has gone through. He said “There were a days that the mental patients didn’t have a roof to protect from the sun and the rain, but now they have the shelter and the care they needed”

Last but not the least, the minister of health development, Hon Hassan Gafadhi congratulated the mental department of the MOHD for the big efforts they have undertaken. He urged to increase the public awareness regarding the caring of the mentally sick people..

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