The Minister of Health Development Attends the Commemoration of International Day of Child Rights

The Minister of Health Development Hon Hassan Gaafaadhi attended an event which is being commemoration the international day of child rights.

The event which was held at Baraar Hotel in Hargeisa was jointly organized by Plan International, Save the Children, Taakulo and Nafis Network.

Speaking at the event, the minister stated that the child rights day deserves to be commemorated twice or thrice a year. He said “the prophet came a time when children are buried alive” and halted that Jahili tradition.

He stated the ministry of health has a national plan that takes care of children in every stage beginning when they are in their mom’s wombs until he reaches the puberty age.

The minster also stated that the primary care program is all about the child and his mother. He said “there are special child hospitals”.

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